TKCoin.org will not collect personal information for commercial purposes. The information collected in this form is solely for the purpose of equitably distributing EDUCoin (EDU) to those people who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. EDU cryptocurrency has no monetary value, it was created for educational purposes so it can be transferred, gifted, sent, received and so the blockchain and it's technology can be tested. Privacy is very important to us therefore we assure you that we will not share your data with anyone.

Be aware: EDUCoin IS NOT FOR SALE. No one should sell it to you and you should never pay to receive EDU. We hope that everyone abides by and enforces these standards so that the project fulfills its ultimate purpose.


EDU addresses are 42 chars long and may be like the following string:

Do not send a bad address, please double check!
And never share your wallet 12 words, because those words are your master key.

Please fill the form

How to get your EDU address

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1) Download the app on your smartphone or tablet
- For Android you can search for it in the Play Store as TKCoin, TKWallet or you can directly click here

- For iOS you can search for it in the AppStore as TKCoin, TKWallet or you can directly click here

2) Once downloaded, open it, you will see the welcome screens, then click on START
3) Set your security mechanism (PIN/Fingerprint/FaceID)
4) Select the coins to save in the wallet (choose only EDU). You must be connected to the internet
5) When asked if you want to add encryption choose "NO" and then "I AM SURE", (if you are an advanced user you can choose YES)
6) Now you need to safeguard the recovery key, for this you must have a place to write down (preferably a paper, or a device without internet). For this recovery key IT IS RECOMMENDED TO NEVER COPY and PASTE or send it by electronic means, such as e-mails or messaging programs. This key gives you full access to the funds in your wallet. It is essential that you understand this. You must write all the words as they are shown on the screen and in the exact same order
7) Once the 12 words have been saved, the application will ask to confirm that you have saved them correctly and you must select the words one by one from the screen in the same order in which they were provided
8) You must accept the terms of use and then you can continue
9) Click on the wallet icon in the bottom section of your device's screen
10) Tap the Educoin wallet
11) Tap the "Receive" icon, a screen will appear with a QR code and an address from your EDU wallet, tap the EDUCoin icon in the center of the QR and the address will be copied to the clipboard. You can also tap the three gray dots in the upper right corner and choose the option "Share address" to be able to send it to your contacts.
12) Go to the #IWANTEDU and share that address in the form so that we can send you your first EDUs to practice, this airdrop will begin on May 25, 2021 from hs. 19:00 (UTC-3)
13) What happens once we transfer the EDUs to you? You have to check that the transaction has been confirmed. If you tap the item of the transaction you will see the status and details of it and, if you want even more information, you can tap the "View on blockchain" button
14) When you have received your EDUs, you can send all or part of your funds to whoever you want! You can also create another wallet on the same device and self-send funds to practice. You can generate a new address in the same wallet (by clicking on receive and then on the "generate new address" icon to generate a new address for your wallet, you can create as many as you want!) and then send funds to this same wallet.

Each transaction has a fee (approximately 0.000043 EDU), but be noticed that those EDUs that you pay as fee return to the team that is mining 24/7 to confirm the transactions.

If you have any doubts or issues, do not hesitate to review the frequently asked questions through the following link: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions