EDUCoin: an educational cryptocurrency

What is EDUCoin?

EDUCoin is a cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin protocol, developed by us to help you learn, teach and practice on how to operate with cryptocurrencies easily, simply and with no limitations. We offer this educational cryptocurrency called EDUCoin (EDU), which is distributed free of charge just by requesting it through the #IWANTEDU link in the website's main menu. is the EDUCoin's  blockchain network where anyone, regardless of their characteristics (geographical location, age, purchasing power level), with practically any smart mobile device (smartphone) connected to internet, will be able to access the benefits of the great development of the consensus network initially raised by Bitcoin and adapted by us for educational purposes, with no need of knowledge of specific technical language and, above all, without spending nor risking a penny.

Although there are already hundreds (or thousands) of cryptocurrencies projects, we want to emphasize that the main objective of EDUCoin is Education. Our purposes are purely educational, we do not seek to profit from this development. It is paramount for people who are not yet familiar with these transaction methodologies to be educated. Make this part of your everyday life. Make it accessible, easy, friendly and above all natural. In this case, the network and its EDUCoin cryptocurrency will be the perfect tools to meet all these needs, since it is a consensus network with a cryptocurrency linked in 1:1 relationship with our current country legal-course currency. In case of Argentina, currently it is the "argentinian peso" (ARS).

We strongly recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions section by clicking here!

Keep in mind something very important:: EDUCoin is not for sale, nobody should charge you for this cryptocurrency and you should never pay for it.

An educational cryptocurrency

Use EDUCoin (EDU) for FREE to learn about cryptocurrencies without risking your money. Teach your family and friends, send and receive EDUCoin at no cost, try without limits nor restrictions. No one should sell you EDUCoin and you should never pay for it.

Unlimited learning

Shake out the fear when hearing others talk about Bitcoin and the thousands of dollars it costs. Price volatility scares you? EDUCoin is the cryptocurrency for learning about blockchain technology without being afraid of sudden movements in the market of dollar-valued cryptocurrencies.

Safety, trust, ease, speed, decentralization

Evolution: all this at your fingertips, on an educational network and a simple and easy-to-use mobile application.
We encourage you to read the explanatory document about the cryptocurrency, the network and the project at the following link: WHITEPAPER

TKCoin (TIK)

Now you can mine TKCoin (TIK) on your own PC.
Be aware that mining involves energy costs and you must bear them on your own. You should read the complete information in the document at the following link: WHITEPAPER Mining instructions can be found in the #IWANTTIK section or at the following link: #IWANTTIK


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Noticias TKCoin

Lanzamiento de EDUCoin

El día 25 de mayo de 2021 nace la red EDUCoin con fines educativos. Esta red cuenta con su propia criptomoneda, basada íntegramente en el

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TKWallet for mobile devices, the EDUCoin & TKCoin light wallet

This are EDUCoin network specific downloads

Download EDUCoin Core - Desktop app for EDUCoin network

SHA256SUM: 094a2ddef60948209f15e7b62fc4ba736326d2b241286711fcb856e51a62377c
SHA256SUM: abcb4d22e559f45303ef5a8a81a04bab8386cac65fbebc5c9e11cec7bb04372d
SHA256SUM: b01313e9cb2f67ae110123c01c762617c88d114ac9191dc2e9fb3ca9b627f540
SHA256SUM: f3edf878a2503b07d0a80e82b992d12eb76b5fd62e0d70094e46ec97b8179028

This are TKCoin network specific downloads

Download TKCoin Core - Desktop app for TKCoin network

CPUMiner - Mining application for TKCoin (TIK)

SHA256SUM: 7756662f9432e9bddc5cc4ab99baeb9fbdb6e994219a797aeb1825904e675c0a
SHA256SUM: 926f87773237d26956205534aefe357c34e2f422caf330490fa6242175130595
SHA256SUM: eccf4216b47888dffc16a7d4239cf9f8d474d181f227379e9a93816768346337