Santiago Cassina

Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Santiago Cassina is founder and CEO of, and he is behind the development of the EDUCoin and TKCoin platforms. He has a degree in Systems Analysis and has worked steadily to build tools for society.

Marcelo D'Ambrosio

Academic Consultant

Marcelo D'Ambrosio has been a mathematics and physics teacher for more than 30 years. As his vocation is teaching, he joins to write pedagogical and training material.

Fernando Quirós

Chief Communications Officer - CCO

Fernando Quirós has a degree in Social Communications. He has worked as an independent communications consultant and as a journalist in multiple digital media. He is also a university professor of Digital Communication in the careers of Journalism, Social Communications and Advertising at the Universidad Católica de Salta.

Bernardo Rodriguez Berri

Chief Marketing Officer - CMO

Creative designer, illustrator, scriptwriter. The person in charge of the image and presence of the project.

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