Synergy between EDU and people can change the world

Your participation can improve the quality of life of all citizens

1) You must fill the form and submit a report about a complaint on some environmental issue in your city, e.g. a public park with garbage or that has playground equipment in poor condition.

2) Once the report is submitted and approved by us, the information will be published on the site for other users to vote with their EDUs as a way of "digital signature".

3) The EDUs collected are the blockchain way of validating that voting people aren't fake, no one can forge their vote as any transaction is fully registered on the EDUCoin blockchain.

4) Keep in mind that this, although fictitious, could be used in a real way in your city, so share the reports so that we can all collaborate in improving our quality of life!

5) EDUs collected will be refunded once the report is closed.

Once the report is submitted, you must wait for us to validate the information and publish it. It is extremely important to indicate the precise geographic location of the report.

Submit an EDUChange report

Double click to add Marker. Tap and hold to add Marker. Drag Marker to move.


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