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En esta plaza el agua se está empantanando por un caño roto.

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How do I genuinely show support for this report?

Use this address to vote with your EDUs. Each transaction is a cryptographic signature onto a report adding votes to get EDUCity authorities to take action on the case. With this technology you are avoiding electoral fraud and you will be able to check it genuinely in the EDUCoin blockchain explorer (see link below).

The EDUs you transfer will be returned to you once the report is resolved or closed, anyway be aware that your vote can never be deleted or falsified.

Open your TKWallet app (if you didn't installed it yet click here to download it), then tap on "Send" to send EDU, scan the QR code (or copy and paste the FULL contents of the address), transfer the funds and your vote will be registered in the EDUCoin blockchain. Please note that, as we do not ask you for personal data, we do not collect any information about you, preserving your privacy.

Click on the following link to see the total number of votes

Each incoming transaction represents one vote, backed by EDU and cryptographically signed on the immutable EDUCoin blockchain.

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